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Daniel Fortune completed his Bachelors of Art in Journalism at San Jose State University, and Masters of Art in Multimedia Computing at San Jose State University. He worked a stint at Nasa Ames Research Center before delving into the high-tech world of Biomedicine. Eight years later, with two companies under his belt, he privately consulted as a freelance business consultant, audio & visual designer, writer and Internet guru at Fortune Media in Palo Alto, California.

Currently he is a Professor of Multimedia at San Jose State University, with scores of eager minds open to the intricacies, fun and frolic on the Internet; previously he was Executive Producer for Stardust Forums and Host of TalkRadio for Penton Media and, discussing and performing a wide variety of tasks that make the Internet spin in wild circles. Previous to this, he worked as Executive Producer and VP of Business Development for the Broadcast Production Group in Campbell California.

One of his most interesting accomplishments has been the development, patenting and marketing of the worlds first Tongue Touch Keypad, a product designed to provide people with disabilities access to the computer and the environment. For this product he was awarded first place for excellence and ingenuity in electronic product design from ECN Design 91. The product is currently being marketed internationally.To take a look at some more information about the TongueTouch Keypad, click here!

He has won many federal grants for his work, including grants from the National Institute of Health, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Education. During his research, he has studied interactivity of computer systems and human interface design from product inception to rollout of successful consumer products. He has been an Apple Certified Developer since 1986.

After years of hard work in the field of Biomedicine, he completed his masters degree in the Electronic Art/Multimedia Program with Joel Slayton at San Jose State University. As a relentless student of technology, he has pursued new vistas in telecommunications, interaction, production and design with digital technology.

His masters thesis is titled Virtual Teleperformance, and targets utilization of telecommunications techniques for remote interactors and performers via the Internet.

He is interested in exploring new technologies, the combinations of video, audio and computer production, and enjoys the ability to perform new feats of technological prowess with today's technology.

Recently he performed as a musician and an experimetal interactor with the George Coates Performance Works in San Francisco. He is fascinated with the possibilities of multi-user performance sites via the Internet, or other means of transmitting digital and audio information.