Elevator Diaries
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NEW!!! This is a weird and wacky radio soap opera. The setting is an elevator in a residential hotel in downtown Gilroy. During each of the weekly 5 minute broadcasts, the audience eavesdrops on the random snatches of conversations that take place as residents and visitors go up and down the elevator.
Aerocon Systems NEW!!! Aerocon Systems, specializing in Rocket Apparatus for Inventors and Experimenters
MedTech Radio COMING SOON!!! A 30 Minute program dedicated to preventing 'HealthScare' and providing 'Healthcare' and rehabilitative medicine.
TalkBytes Talk Radio COMING SOON!!! 2 Minute program providing Hi-Tech information about the changing arena of Network and Internet broadcasting.
Digital Media
COMING SOON!!! A technology rich portal providing sophisticated and New Internet users with amusing anecdotes, hi-profile movers and shakers, Hi-Tech as well as General information about the changing arena of Networks and Internet broadcasting.
TongueTouch Keypad Innovative New Product for the Disabled Co-Developed by Daniel Fortune,
Patent #US5523745
Internet MultiMedia Class Taught by Professor Daniel Fortune at SJSU
Bryce Art Art work by Daniel Fortune
TechnoPoem Strange poem
Audio Fun Click for Sneeze Click for Greeting
Fortune/Allen Family Web site
News and Reviews Stay Tuned for the latest in Virtual Teleperformance!


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