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Creation, production, design, & instruction in the use of commercially available audio, video, production and image editing tools for performance, style and techniques. Skills include marketing, development of company/product from inception to real-time product deployment.

Over twenty-five years of experience developing innovative teaching and the implementation of digital media in both academic and commercial environments. Experience with cable, satellite, television, Internet, radio and print. Invented, developed, produced and taught the use of alternative media with grants from the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Education.

Prior work includes inventions, research and development of biomedical devices for the severely disabled at Stanford & the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Hospital.


My objective is to create, develop and deploy digital multimedia and new media theory and practice, as well as digital design, development & production. Specialties include teaching traditional media, new media production, visual performance design including audio, video and film production for broadband consumption.

Talents are digital media in audio production, viral video creation scriptwriting, web production & design; instruction in use of digital tools for creation of performance style and techniques. I have the business background of product development, marketing, audio, video and film production, scriptwriting, web and integrated interactive systems design.


2011 – present          San Jose State University and Private Consulting  - Lecturer, Webmaster/ Digital Media Consultant.
1999 - 2010                 San Jose State University        San Jose, California
Digital Media Instructor, MCOM 063, MCOM 064, Hands on instruction in multimedia and emerging new media technologies. Print and web page design, blogging, podcasting, video casting, RSS and creation of multimedia presentations by combining still photos, graphics, and video with music and/or audio.  Digital Media Instructor, RTVF 141/142, Internet Production & Performance, Multimedia Production & Performance.  Digital Production Instructor, RTVF 150, development of audio performance and production techniques, development of web based work portfolio.
1998 - 2001                 Penton Media, Inc.                  Los Gatos, California
Developed, created, produced digital media including audio, video & web, Hosted Internet Talk Radio, responsible for creative development of audio and video commercials, coordinator of tech trade shows, sales collateral for propagation of Internet and Multimedia
1994 - 1997                 Broadcast Production Group.                 Campbell, California
Create, Produce, Digital Media Development, Developed first online video and audio trimulcast, developed TV Pilot for iLive television show for UPN, created, developed TV concept media for clients, Internet radio broadcast development
1982 – 1992                Zofcom Incorporated              Palo Alto, California
As Founder, Designed, developed, patented and produced technology for severely disabled, awarded patents, grants and funding from NIH, Dept of Education and Venture Capital to get FDA approval, market and deploy technology around the world.


Masters of Art, Digital Media, Multimedia Art
1993 - 1995                 San Jose State University        San Jose, California 

Masters Thesis:  Man+Mind+Machine=Mutation

Independent Studies, Graphic Design, Photography, Television & Radio Production
1991 - 1993                 Foothill College      Los Altos, California

Bachelors of Science, Journalism
1972 - 1976                 San Jose State University        San Jose, California


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